Sports Performance

Dr. Markel has extensive experience working with athletes of the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA as well as triathletes, marathoners, yoga practitioners and tennis players. He continues to function as both strength and conditioning specialist and clinician, using this unique skill set to help clients of all kinds.

Markel Health Performance utilizes the same function-based approach to athletic injuries and athletic performance that is used at the highest levels of sports and applies it to every patient. We understand that the ability to perform at a high level is the primary goal for an athlete, whether on the field or in the yoga studio. We believe that physical performance is dependent on understanding how the body functions and maximizing that ability through specific, individualized performance training and treatment.

To function at a high level an athlete must have strength, stability, flexibility, mobility and coordination, all of which is evaluated during the initial MHP functional evaluation. This evaluation tests fundamental movements that all humans perform as well as specific movements done in the person’s sport. Based on these findings, an individualized performance training or rehab program is designed and implemented to optimize performance.