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Some of our client testimonials:



“Dr. Markel’s effective approach to rehabilitation and his commitment to success has not only given me my body back, it has given me a new outlook on personal development.”
-Stephán ”Coach Q” Askew
Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry, Linebacker, New York Giants

“Nevin, thanks for fixing my body.  Best in the business!”
-Aaron Curry, Linebacker, New York Giants

“Nevin, Thanks for all your support and for keeping me in the game!”
-Charly Martin, Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49ers

“I came to Dr. Markel after two major injuries and multiple failed treatments from other doctors.  Dr. Markel was the only one who approached my injuries differently and who found the root causes.  After working with Dr. Markel, I was able to return to playing lacrosse for the South Carolina Gamecocks.  This was after not being able to play for almost two years.  Through Dr. Markel, I was given the opportunity to play sports again, something no other doctor could do. I really can’t say enough about the work this man does or his character. He is as genuine of a person as they come and someone who truly cares about his patients.”
-Zach Miller, University of South Carolina

Louis Murphy

Louis Murphy, Wide Receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Thanks Dr. Markel, it was great working with you!“
-Louis Murphy, Wide Receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“I own a yoga studio where I both teach and practice yoga.  With my second knee surgery, I was concerned about my rehab and length of recovery.  I met Dr. Markel after my second knee surgery and I was immediately impressed with him.  Dr. Markel has immense knowledge regarding anatomy and correct body mechanics and his style of working with clients is both attentive and meticulous.  His knowledge and explanation of body mechanics was invaluable as part of my rehab, as were his personal attention and patience.  I continue to work with Nevin on some functional training and body mechanics as part of my maintenance program and his advice and work with me has been amazing for my yoga practice.  I recommend Dr. Markel to many of my clients.”
-Shari Goldstein, Owner, Enlighten Yoga