Eliminate Back Pain with ELDOA

At MHP, we believe self care is the best care. We utilIze a unique and extremely effective exercise system that teaches clients to fix their own neck and back pain- ELDOA.  The ELDOA was developed by French Osteopath/MD Dr. Guy Voyer to allow patients to have an exercise to treat and resolve their spine pain by themselves.  Dr. Markel teaches this system to his patients in order to empower them to be “their own best therapist”File_000 (4)

Goals of the ELDOA:


•To create more space between the vertebrae

•To create awareness for the intervertebral disc. This space allows it the freedom to move and adapt to the forces and movements of the spine

•To depress the nerve between the vertebrae, or “create space” for the never

•To improve proprioception of the vertebrae joint segment. Supporting good fascia stability and stimulating the brain

•To improve proprioception of the Functional Spine Unite (FSU)

•To move all parts of the annulus fibrosis to stimulate water (intake/imbibition) and hydrate the intervertebral disc

•To strengthen the Postural System. The ELDOA mobilize the intrinsic muscles, improving kinesthetic stimulation (micro-stimulation) of the muscles.

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