About Dr. Markel

Dr. Nevin Markel is a doctor of chiropractic as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He incorporates various manual techniques to treat musculoskeletal conditions including Active Release Techniques ©, Fascial Abrasion Technique, and medical acupuncture along with cutting-edge rehabilitation programs. Dr. Markel is an instructor for Functional Integrated Therapies and the Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT Tool).  He also studies and practices many other treatment systems including the unique SomaTherapy system developed by Dr. Guy Voyer.1DC34C28-4693-4838-B8D3-A637B12999C0

Dr. Markel is the former team chiropractor for the Maryland Terrapins, Bowie Baysox and UMBC Retrievers and has worked as a consultant for the Charlotte 49ers and North Carolina Tarheels.  In addition he regularly works with a variety of athletes including members of the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and Olympians. He currently serves as clinical director at MHP and Velocity Sports. He is also the co-founder of Performance Rehab Associates, a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation facility in Charlotte.