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Markel Health Performance provides cutting-edge injury treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention training programs to professional and recreational athletes. The focus of Markel Health Performance is bridging the gap between injuries and dysfunction to athletic training and athletic performance. Among the services offered by Markel Health Performance are:

  • Athlete Movement Screenings and Gait Analysis
  • Treatment and Injury Prevention Programs
  • Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise Programs

These services combine with sports performance training to help athletes avoid injury, recover from injury and improve performance as quickly as possible.

Markel Health Performance is directed by Nevin K. Markel, DC, CSCS. Dr. Markel has an extensive background in sports medicine as he served on the sports medicine staffs of two Division 1 universities and has extensive experience working with NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and Olympic athletes. Dr. Markel combines these experiences with specialized techniques such as Active Release Techniques©, Functional Range Release, FAT Tools and exercise therapies to treat a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Markel works one-on-one with clients to design and implement customized training and rehabilitation programs.

At MHP, we believe that training and exercise have a direct impact on function and injury prevention. Clients receive treatment and training programs that optimize their body’s function as well as focusing on optimizing performance rather than just rehab.

To SCHEDULE an appointment, injury consultation or treatment session:

Email doc@markelhealthperformance.com.